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As the name suggests, natural stone refers to materials derived from the earth which have existed on earth for thousands of years. Granite, marble and quartz are high quality natural stones. For example, marble slabs will be totally unique in your kitchen as each will have their own different patterns and movement. Often lots of natural stones will also be low-maintenance, for example granite.

The main difference between natural and engineered stone is the source. Natural stone slabs are cut from solid materials e.g. solid marble, whereas engineered stones are man-made, quality controlled and more consistent in colour and style which can make it appear a little unnatural. Natural stone provides a unique kitchen space allowing you to invest in your property with a higher resale value while adding an elegant touch. 

Installing or upgrading your kitchen worktops with natural stone will add a trendy and luxurious touch to your kitchen. There are many types of materials to choose from and it comes down to what you are looking for in your kitchen. Marble, granite and quartz are all long-lasting and eco-friendly choices. If you’re looking for a timeless classic with moderate maintenance, you can choose marble. For family friendly kitchens and resilience, you may opt for granite. If you’re looking for something similar to marble but with more heat and scratch resistance, quartz may be your best choice. DK5 is here to guide you through our natural stone selection so if you need advice or have questions on the materials provided you can contact an expert from our team.

This will depend on what you are looking for in your kitchen. Granite and marble are durable which help against damage like chipping and cracking. Marble adds a truly unique appearance to your kitchen. With dozens of colours and styles to choose from, all our natural stones will add a contemporary look to your kitchen. Your choice will depend on the aesthetic preferences of your kitchen and whether you are looking for lower/higher maintenance solutions.

Granite is mostly made up of feldspar and is harder than marble. Marble mainly consists of Calcium Carbonate, which makes it sensitive to acids and certain foods like wine, juice, oil and vinegar. While they are both durable, they are also porous so it is important that they are sealed to protect against stains. Granite is generally the strongest stone so marble may be more suited to bathrooms or fireplaces as this material will require a little more care.

Yes, we have a wide selection of marble, granite and quartz materials that come in different colours, designs and patterns to choose from.

On average, it takes between 1-4 weeks to fit a kitchen or complete a kitchen renovation.

This will be dependent on what is being done in your kitchen. Renovating your kitchen can be a huge task, so setting up a temporary kitchen or prep place can make the process easier.

Your kitchen countertop has a guaranteed warranty of ___ years.

We have a great selection of natural stones and offer worktop samples in each of our natural stone collections. Our team will be able to advise and guide you through our selection of stones. Depending on how you plan to use your kitchen and how much space you have, DK5 will also be able to help plan your kitchen layout.

We are suppliers of the highest quality natural stones and our materials are sourced from ____

Depending on the natural stone you choose, each will have its own polishing and texture which is determined by the composition and elements it is made up of. Depending on the natural stone, finishes will include polished finish, honed finish, sand blasted finish, leathered finish, sueded finish, flamed finish, caressed finish, shot blasted finish and bush hammered finish.

Yes and we are able to resurface, restore, refinish and/or repolish your kitchen worktops as well.

We do not sell sinks and accessories at this time.

This will depend on the natural stone you use. Granite is a popular choice and by far the most low-maintenance choice and can be just as low maintenance as quartz. Marble will require more frequent maintenance and re-sealing a few times a year due to its composition. Quartz is also considered ideal by many family homes as it has the look of marble and granite. It is easy to clean and is low maintenance.

It is important to consider your budget and if there are any extra costs associated with the material before choosing a kitchen worktop. Depending on your kitchen space and size, you should think about the materials, colour and texture that would suit your kitchen and layout. We will provide you with samples so you are happy with the overall look and feel of the stone.

DK5 supplies and fits natural stones. Our materials include granite, marble and quartz which are available in a variety of different colours, patterns and styles.

Our professional installation team takes great care and precision when installing your kitchen worktops. We will be able to guide you through the after-care process depending on the material you choose.

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