A timeless classic and commonly used in sculpture throughout history, marble is a natural stone generally made up of calcite that is found throughout the world. A truly unique choice, no two pieces of marble are the same. Because marble is soft and more porous than other materials, it will require frequent maintenance and re-sealing a few times a year. This natural stone is heat-resistant and has a lifelong span fitted to perform for decades. It is also very dense and is known to be the choice of look for elegant countertops. The appearance of marble can add some luxury to your kitchen and is well known for its variety of colours and styles available. Marble varies and depending on the finish and depth you choose, the pricing will vary. It is important to note that each slab will be slightly different so selecting the right slabs to make different pieces come together is considered in the process. A true showstopper in any kitchen, marble worktops can last upwards of 10-15 years.