By far the most low-maintenance choice, granite is more traditional and one of our most popular kitchen worktop choices. It is a resilient, earth-friendly and natural stone material with more movement than other stones and is cut its natural state. Heat-resistant to easily withstand high temperatures and more durable than similar stone materials, it is unlikely to chip due to its hard nature making it a great choice for family-friendly kitchens. Natural granite will require sealing and resealing on a regular basis. Granite also has the ability to resist bacteria and dirt meaning grime is less likely to form on counter tops, which can be an often issue in home kitchens. A very unique choice, granite comes in over 20 shades with a wide range of different colours and styles so you will have many options to choose from. Its maximum longevity on average allows it to last up to 25 years making it a very functional choice to add to any home kitchen.