emperador dark marble

Emperador Dark – Marble

Emperador Dark is an alluring marble from Spain featuring a range of dark, rich browns and greys. As it can be interpreted from its name that this specific marble is popular with its brown colour in dark tones. It also owes its unique beauty to its crystal shiny veins that make it even more spectacular.

Dark Emperador marble is quarried in Spain and also known by many other names. The dark colour brings personality and character to spaces and can be used in conjunction with other materials to create superb colour contrasts. Some of them are, Emperador Oscuro, Emperador Marron, Emperador Scuro, Ramona Brown, Ramora Brown, Emperador Dark Spain, Imperador Fonce, Morron Imperial, and Castanho Imperador Escuro.

It is both applicable for interior and exterior projects and designs. It is possible to use it for wall covering, flooring, bathroom and kitchen countertops, pool capping, stair covering, fountain and sink making, and many other different special projects.


Available Finishes: Polished, Honed

Available Thickness: 30mm, 20mm

Slab sizes: Please call office


Marble always gives a very elegant appearance with a traditional impression of a natural stone. In kitchens or bathrooms, Marble looks beautiful with its gorgeous range of colors varying between white, neutral, and black. Marble Stone is heat resistant, and its surface is super for cooking action. We provide marble worktops in a glossy or matte finish based on what you require. Marble fancy high endurance, and is very competitive in pricing.

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