carrara marble

Carrara – Marble

Carrara is notable for its density and its grey veining. The quality of the stone is judged on the whiteness of the background and the definition of the veining.

Carraraâ€s soft grey shades have been used for centuries to create an ageless elegance and today remains as popular as ever. A true interior classic, Carrara marble slabs are offered here in a reflective, polished finish, which creates a luxurious feel.

it’s a metamorphic rock made from microscopically small calcium carbonate crystals. This rock was formed by metamorphosis, that means that the former rock has got a complete new crystalline structure due to high pressure and/or variations in temperature, so, ultimately, the rock has been fundamentally changed.

A timeless and elegant material. It comes from many quarries, so has many different looks depending on each quarry, and the selection. The whitest cleanest blocks tend to be the most expensive.


Available Finishes: Polished, Honed

Available Thickness: 30mm, 20mm

Slab sizes: Please call office


Marble always gives a very elegant appearance with a traditional impression of a natural stone. In kitchens or bathrooms, Marble looks beautiful with its gorgeous range of colors varying between white, neutral, and black. Marble Stone is heat resistant, and its surface is super for cooking action. We provide marble worktops in a glossy or matte finish based on what you require. Marble fancy high endurance, and is very competitive in pricing.

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