aliveri marble

Aliveri – Marble

Aliveri marble is a calcareous marble of magenta grey to blue and shades of grey lighter and darker that create interesting colour schemes. Shades of grey vary, depending on the origin of this substance. Additionally vary, the colour patterns of the material, which may have a regular arrangement, such as parallel grooves, or are irregular.

In the material, there might also be mild to almost white veins of recrystallized calcite with depth up to several centimetres, as well as lenses of the same colour or dark veins.

Gray Aliveri marble, which was first mined by a quarry near Aliveri in central Evia, started to be used in the construction industry since 1960. Since then, many marble quarries have been working both in the Aliveri southern and area into the Wider area of the Dystos, which were distributed in marble counters interposed marbles shales.


Available Finishes: Polished, Honed

Available Thickness: 30mm, 20mm

Slab sizes: Please call office


Marble always gives a very elegant appearance with a traditional impression of a natural stone. In kitchens or bathrooms, Marble looks beautiful with its gorgeous range of colors varying between white, neutral, and black. Marble Stone is heat resistant, and its surface is super for cooking action. We provide marble worktops in a glossy or matte finish based on what you require. Marble fancy high endurance, and is very competitive in pricing.

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