calacatta boheme

Calacatta Boheme – Granite

Calacatta Boheme quartzite offers high immunity to discolouration and scrapes, irrespective of its own remarkable marble-look. Similarly, the durability of Calacatta Boheme granite adds to the natural splendour of its monochromatic colours. Naturamia Calacatta Boheme can likewise be availed through the Levantina Collection, offering 10 years residential warranty against staining onto this exquisite content.

Naturamia Calacatta Boheme will dazzle visitors and onlookers when exhibited in virtually any room, due to its fantastic decorative capabilities.


Available Finishes: Polished, Honed, Leathered, Brushed

Available Thickness: 30mm, 20mm

Slab sizes: Please call office


Granite is way different than Quartz. Where Quartz is non porous, Granite is. This means yearly maintenance is required to get rid of water and microbes held inside. Granite is the first choice to get a fantastic beautiful kitchen, thanks to its durability and coloring. The uniqueness Granite has in colors that varies between stones and rocks gives it a special appearance wherever it is used.

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