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About DK5 Kitchens

DK5 Kitchens is a growing company specialized in kitchen worktops and other stone related services.
Specialized in Marble, Granite, and Quartz, and accompanied by wide experience in different countries working on several projects scaling from small to large.
DK5 team is your reliable partner to design, source, and install your kitchen worktops.

Dk5 Kitchens is a subsidiary of DK5 Constructions.

Our Mission

At DK5 Kitchens we are committed to providing quality services to all your kitchen solutions. Our kitchens worktops designs, materials sourcing, projects and installations are driven by our experienced team to deliver the best customer experience possible and exceed customer expectations.

Inspired by the owner’s experience in different countries, our focus is to provide customised designs with elegant and clean finishes.  
Dedicated to our customers, we commit to putting their designs ideas into exclusive high quality installations.

Our Vision

We have become a hub for high-quality kitchen stone materials and accessories and rely on our kitchen engineers and specialists to transform customer ideas into perfect installations. 

At DK5 Kitchens, we value creativity, art, people, integrity and quality.
We have a passion and dedication for our work and client visions.

Our Services


Kitchen Worktops







Our Methodology

Kitchen Plan and Measurements

Our trained engineers and specialists share surveys to help select the best cut, design and worktop for you depending on your kitchen layout and floor plan. Accessories, precise shaping and materials are all taken into consideration.


Our specialists source the highest quality materials for selection and fabrication. We always look for perfect cuts to fit your specific installation needs and inconsistent slabs are directly eliminated. Once the stone materials are ready, they are moved to the site for installation along with other required accessories. We keep records of all materials with suppliers no matter the size of a project and ensure larger projects that require maintenance are produced to exact customer needs and specifications.


Our highly skilled and experienced artisans utilise the finest craftsmanship skills to install your kitchen. Our production, installation and office team have a vast amount of experience in the stone industry and work to deliver the highest and finest quality of worktop designs on time.


Our experts are trained to maintain all types of natural and man-made stone. Depending on the stone material you choose, it may need to be resealed occasionally or regularly. We provide sealing and waxing services to keep stones in pristine condition

References and Partners

We have supplied and installed kitchens and other amenities all over the world. We continue to work in the UK and have also worked in Turkey, Romania and our operations span throughout the Middle East. 

Please view our gallery to see some of our previous work.